Is U.S. Prepared For Pandemic and Bio-Terror

In 2014 a blue ribbon study panel of former elected officials was formed to investigate the potential loss of life from a global pandemic and bio-terror attack.

Member of the panel, former Bucks County Congressman Jim Greenwood recommends that Vice President, Mike Pence be appointed by Congress to lead the effort to protect the nation.

“We need leadership right now on this vital issue and we have funding. But we currently have 50 different agencies working on this, but no one is in charge and direction is needed. We have the funds but there has not been a plan on how to use the billions of dollars.”

The first head of Homeland Security and former Pa. Governor Tom Ridge, also a panel member, says nature is just as much of a threat as bio-terror.

“There are thousands and thousands of viruses and diseases out there and we are not prepared on several fronts and that includes everything from the development of vaccines to medical preparedness. So, are we prepared, the answer to that is no, no and no.”

Ridge and Greenwood were guests on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Wednesday.