Lansdale to Honor Dick Stricker

One of the last true characters of Lansdale is the posthumous winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Borough this year.

Lansdale cemetery overseer and former Borough Council Member Dick Stricker will be recognized with the prestigious honor at Borough Hall during the opening ceremony for Founder’s Day on Saturday morning, August 25th. Borough Council Vice President Mary Fuller says Stricker was a community leader.

“His mark is all over, particularly with the cemetery. He was a founding member of the Cemetery Board. Often at his own expense, he provided the upkeep for the cemetery and he bequeathed a nice amount to the cemetery after his passing.”

Stricker served on Borough Council during a four year stretch in the 1970s and supported several community improvements including a new fire house for the Fairmount Fire Company and the construction of the Wood-Vine Connector that currently routes motorists around traffic bottlenecks downtown.