Lansdale Police, Firefighters Meet Community

Rain cut short the night out against crime Tuesday night in the parking lot outside the Lansdale Borough Police Department.

All the same, a big crowd gathered to learn a little bit about crime prevention and fire safety. Borough Police Lieutenant Ryan Devlin says events like this are an opportunity for law enforcement officers to meet and greet with the community they serve.

“Our goal is to be better involved with the community to show that we are human, right, that we can interact with the community in a positive way, and this event helps us do that.”

Police officers and firefighters put their emergency vehicles on display while the volunteer medical service corps showed off some of its search and rescue dogs. Assistant team leader dave boland brought beluah, a blue tick coon hound.

“We have two different kind of dogs, Belaugh is a ground pounder, which is a sent specific dog. I need to have something of the persons I’m looking for to have Belauh work and then the other half of our team are air sent dogs that work off lease, they don’t need sent articles, they’re looking for any human in a particular area.”

Other nearby communities that participated in the night out include Upper Gwynedd, Horsham and Montgomery Townships.