Tai Proposes Bills in Murders on Bucks Farm

Bucks County State Rep. Helen Tai, in response to the July 2017 murders of 19 year-old Dean Finocchiaro, 21 year-old Thomas Meo 19 year-old Jimi Patrick, and 22 year-old Mark Sturgis on a Bucks County farm, sponsors legislation in connection with the murders.

21 year old Cosmo DiNardo, has plead guilty in the murders. He was not permitted to be in possession of a gun, but used a gun owned by his parents.

“I can not and will not look into the faces of these boys families and tell them there is nothing we can do, when in fact, the Pennsylvania Legislature has the ability and authority to act and so I’m announcing a package of bills to prevent people who have no business from accessing a gun from doing so.”

Tai’s legislation would require the safe storage of firearms and the reporting of lost or stolen guns by owners, including criminal charges for those who fail to follow the proposed laws. 21 year old Sean Kratz, accused of taking part in the murders, rejected a deal from the Bucks County D.A.’s office and awaits trial.