Text Messages Alert Residents About Scams

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is offering more protection for residents in an effort to stay a step ahead of scammers.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro says scammers will target anyone they can, but he adds, their main target is often a senior citizen. He advises residents to visit a website to know when scam artists are trying to con people through various ruses.

“Visit www.attorneygeneral.gov/consumer-alerts. Select your county, enter your name and phone number and hit submit. When you submit your name and phone number, we will not share that with anyone and the only purpose it will be used for is to make sure that you learn about these scams and best be able to protect yourself.”

Shapiro, who met with AARP officials Thursday, launched the new text messaging system. Shapiro says the IRS scam is a favorite of scammers, where they threaten a person they’ve contacted to send them money for past unpaid taxes. The IRS does not call taxpayers for money.