Horsham Man Acquitted of Vehicular Homicide

A Montgomery County Jury acquits a Horsham man of vehicular homicide in connection with a crash that killed 77 year old, Barbara Loeffler on May 20th of last year.

Upper Dublin Township Police and a Montgomery County Detective investigated the two vehicle crash that happened at 8:44am on Twinning Road, near Timber Lane. The prosecution, through Police investigation, entered evidence that 49 year old, Erek Cunningham was driving well over the speed limit when he hit Loeffler’s car. Cunningham’s Toyota pick-up truck struck Loeffler’s Honda Civic as she tried to make a left into a shopping center. After considering all of the evidence in the case, the Jury acquitted Cunningham of the most serious charge of vehicular homicide and instead convicted him of reckless and careless driving. Cunningham could have received 3 ½ to 7 years in jail if he was convicted. Cunningham will be sentenced later this year, but will not face jail time. He will likely face fines and the loss of his license to drive.