Lansdale Approves Human Relations Commission

Lansdale officials are setting up a human relations commission. Borough Council Wednesday night approved an ordinance that establishes a five member panel to hear complaints from community members that say they’ve been discriminated against.

Borough Mayor Garry Herbert says commission hearings will be a place to air issues rather than levy fines.

“This allows both parties to come together in a peaceful way and hash it out and see if we can find a resolution locally. Should the mediation not work, this ordinance actually allows to take it to the local municipal courts. It allows for them to actually have a day with the Judge and say, this is something that I experienced and under Lansdale’s Law it’s not allowed.”

Borough Council Member Leon Angelichio put the ordinance on the table for approval. Council Vice President Mary Fuller gave the motion a second.

“I’m glad we took this action, we’re forward thinking and Council was unanimous in that. It is something that I think every municipality should have and everybody has the basic right to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against.”

Lansdale officials hope to fill the five seats on the commission quickly. Those interested in serving should drop their resume off at Borough Hall or mail it in to the attention of the Borough Secretary.