Mensch: We Need Jobs Not Marijuana Legalization

The call to legalize marijuana in Pa. by State Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale is met with resistance from a member of the legislature who serves Montgomery County.

State Senator Bob Mensch was a guest on WNPV’s Bux-Mont Business Journal Monday.

“If its only a rush to money in this state, good God, there are many other things we can do, including creating jobs.”

Mesnch adds new job creation continues to be an uphill climb for the Commonwealth.

“We continue to lag the rest of the country by about 20 percent and we also have a very oppressive tax structure which scares businesses away from Pennsylvania. We need to be more tax friendly. As far as legalizing marijuana, it will create more problems than it’s worth. Take a closer look at what’s happening in Colorado, there’s a lot of problems associated with the legalization of marijuana.”

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