Residents Oppose Development in Lower Salford

Vote yes, no or do nothing. Those are the options that will be before the Lower Salford Supervisors on September 5th as they consider two rezoning requests that would bring more than 130 new housing units into the township.

There was a standing room only public hearing last night. Testifying for the developer, land planner ken Aimee told the Supervisors the proposal to rezone about 12 acres near the post office on Route 113 as well as another 16 acres at Maple Avenue and Oak Drive is in line with the county planning documents.

“When I looked at the County Comprehensive plan, the subject area is located in what the county designates as a growth area and within that designated growth area, it is designated a land with development potential.”

The land in question is currently used for agriculture. Dairy farmer Darryl Knechel addressed the Supervisors.

“Everybody in this room cares about Lower Salford and they are going to be here tomorrow, but the developer is going to be gone, he’s here to fill his pocket as full as he can and all he cares about is selling homes.”

The meeting room was packed and sweltering with about 300 Township residents in a room with a capacity for less than 200 Wednesday night.