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Fitzpatrick: President Needs to Reopen Govt.

WNPV’s Darryl Berger interviewed Local Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick on Comment Please By Univest Friday to discuss various topics, ranging from the partial government shutdown to the Trump Administration’s border wall proposal, an issue that has blocked government workers from getting a paycheck.

State Sen. Maria Collett on WNPV

WNPV’s Darryl Berger, on the AM Edition Friday morning, interviewed 12th District State Senator Maria Collett about being elected to office for the first time, her legislative objectives and grant money for businesses and school districts to allow students to find a job path that will provide them with long lasting employment in a skilled […]

Dr. Cohen: Be The Sun, Not The Salt

WNPV’S Darryl Berger interviewed Ann Arbor, Michigan based psychologist, Dr. Harry Cohen on WNPV’S AM Edition Thursday morning about fighting the winter blues by being positive. Dr. Cohen has released a new book, Be The Sun, Not The Salt.       

New Book on Air Travel

WNPV’s Darryl Berger interviewed Jennifer Coutts Clay, author of Jetliner Cabins: Evolution and Innovation, about the changes in the airline industry on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday morning.