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Montco Reaches Out to Seniors

Seniors are at risk during heat waves. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports, Montgomery County Senior Services is checking on seniors and asks residents to look in on their elderly neighbors. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports.      

County Medical Director Offers Tips on Heat

Staying safe in the heat was the subject of conversation with WNPV’s Darryl Berger and Dr. Richard Lorraine, Medical Director of the Montgomery County Health Department, concerning the dangerous temperatures that will blanket the region through Sunday night.

Democratic Presidential Politics on WNPV

Comment Please By Univest Monday with Darryl Berger covered the topics of immigration and other issues that could play a part in the Presidential election next year with guests, Charlie Gerow, a political strategist, and Michael Cutler, a former INS Agent.