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Democratic Presidential Politics on WNPV

Comment Please By Univest Monday with Darryl Berger covered the topics of immigration and other issues that could play a part in the Presidential election next year with guests, Charlie Gerow, a political strategist, and Michael Cutler, a former INS Agent.

Berks County Man Admits to Upskirting

Upskirting is an illegal behavior where someone invades the privacy of another person through the use of a video device. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports, in this case, a man admits to visiting an Upper Providence Township supermarket where he used his cell phone to video underneath the skirts of women who were food shopping last […]

Hospitals Soon Required to Provide Prices

An executive order signed by President Trump will require hospitals to provide the cost of procedures. Darryl Berger interviewed Matt Baker, Director of U.S. Health and Human Services Region three to discuss what is required for hospitals and insurance companies under the executive order.