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Political Expert: Gov. Corbett Receives Low Rating in Poll

Pollster Dr. Terry Madonna is out with a new Franklin and Marshall Poll indicating weak support for Governor Corbett. It indicates only 25 percent think he’s doing an excellent or good job. “He Angered, beyond furious, the supporters of legendary football coach Joe Paterno.” Madonna says, many people feel Corbett Should not have accepted, then […]

Castor Passes On Run For Governor

Montgomery County Commissioner, Bruce Castor has decided not to make a gubernatorial run. Despite poor approval ratings for Governor Tom Corbett, a seemingly ripe time for Castor to challenge for the top political job in the state, he says, the demands on his time as a commissioner, lawyer and finding time for family led him […]

Should U-S Break Ties With U-N….One Group Supports The Idea

The head of the John Birch Society, John McManus says the United States is slowly losing its identity, piece by piece to the United Nations. McManus says, he’s not trying to be an isolationist. “What I am is a non-interventionist, with your son, your daughter and your wallet. If I say it that way, a […]

Montgomery County Looks to Sell One Montgomery Plaza

Montgomery County officials want to sell One Montgomery Plaza. Last week, the County Commissioners issued a request for proposals from real state management companies that would buy the multi-story building and lease it back to them. The principal office building of the county is in need of as much as 18-million dollars in repairs and […]

Watch Out For Scammers Calling To Get Your Money and I-D

Scammers are calling land lines and cell phones everyday in an effort to dupe people out their money and steal their identities. Mike Bannon is the Director of Bucks County Consumer Affairs. Bannon urges people not to be fooled by callers seeking sensitive information. “One of the things we see come through, it could be […]

Pa. Dept. of Transportation To Pave Allentown Road.

Get ready for some local road construction on Allentown Road. Just over two miles of Allentown road will be paved after construction crews removed the old layer. The paving will begin at 6pm Wednesday night until 6am Thursday morning. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says, drivers can expect some temporary lane closures, but no detours. […]

Comm. Property in Lansdale to Change part to Apartment Unit

A property owner in downtown Lansdale wants to convert half of his first floor of commercial building into an apartment unit. 726 West Main Street used to have a residential component, but is currently occupied by a home improvement business. The code enforcement and land planning committee of the Borough Council does not oppose the […]

Franconia House Fire Caused by Discarded Ashes

A Franconia Township home isn’t totally gutted, but it will take time to repair what out-of-control flames did to the home in a short period of time. It happened Monday, just before 6pm. Fire officials say, the homeowner dumped ashes from a wood stove outside the home on the 700 block of Springshire road. The […]

Melanoma Monday Warns About The Dangers of Sun Exposure

Today is Melanoma Monday, a national day to bring  awareness to the dangers of sun exposure. Dr. Susan Taylor is a dermatologist with Univ. of Penn. Hospital. Dr. Taylor urges people to make the right decision before going out for extended periods of time. “Use 30 block or better that is water resistant and if […]

Lansdale Borough: Clean Up After Your Pets

Lansdale Borough officials are asking residents to clean up after their dogs. The request is the result of complaints from users of the parks, though the problems crops up elsewhere as well. Council Vice President, Mary Fuller, says its just a matter of respect for the community. “We just want to remind pet owners to […]

Local Congressman Sees More Bipartisanship in D.C.

Most people think of Washington D.C. divided sharply along political lines. But Republican Congressman, Jim Gerlach thinks there is opportunity for some bipartisanship during the months ahead. “We might see some bipartisanship coming sooner than later on a new farm bill and we may see some cooperation on a up coming transportation bill.” Gerlach says, […]

Suspected Lansdale Drug Dealer Turns Himself In

Lansdale Borough Police have a suspected drug dealer in custody after he turns himself in. police say, 36-year-old Frank Cristea turned himself in Thursday. Cristea was wanted after police searched his apartment on April 19th and discovered an array of drugs, suspected drug money and paraphernalia. he’s in prison after failing to post bail.Cristea faces […]

State Rep. Believes It’s Time To Increase Gas Tax

With the State in need of transportation funding, local State Rep. Marcy Toepel say, she’ll likely support increasing the State’s wholesale gas tax. “Our transportation and our transportation infrastructure is in need. The roads and brings need attention.” Toepel was a guest Thursday on WNPV’S Comment Please By Univest.

Documentary Looks to Restore Joe Paterno’s Name

According to a documentary, Joe Paterno was railroaded in the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. Bucks County native, John Zeigler, who now works out of Los Angeles, says there are many untold facts about the case that would have benefited Paterno. “I have probably talked to more people close to the story than anybody […]

Traffic Halted For 2-Hours on Pa. Turnpike

Traffic came to a two hour standstill just before 7:30 this morning on the Pennsylvania Turnpike between Lansdale and the Mid-County Toll Plaza, stopping traffic in both directions. State Police say a car was wedged between a tractor trailer and the median in the area of Whitpain Township. One person was airlifted to a hospital. […]

Gas Release at Montgomery Twp. Company Non-Threatening

Businesses and a preschool were prepared for the worse in Montgomery Township when a suspected hazmat incident was believed to be unfolding at I-T-W Polymers and Coatings on Commerce Drive. Fire officials say, alarms went off just before two Wednesday, when a chemical reaction in a research lab caused gases to spread throughout the facility. […]