Health Care Vote

The US House voted over the weekend to pass a Health Care Reform Bill.   Two US Reps will join me today on Comment Please by Univest to discuss their positions.   D-Allyson
Schwartz voted for it and R-Jim Gerlach voted against it.   I'm not smart enough to know if this is ultimately the solution to a problem I can't even define.  My fear is that it will lead to a complete shift of how the health care system works (or doesn't) in this country.
I'd like to see almost everyone have health insurance and the issue of pre-existing conditions addressed.  But I'm concerned the public option will undermine private insurance and lead to a national health-care system.  I've traveled frequently to Canada and found that those who are generally healthy like their system.   Those who have had serious illness don't.  No one in Canada seems thrilled with the tax burden.  I think there could have been interim steps taken which could have reduced the cost of insurance and
health-care.   So now the US Senate will take it up and probably won't vote until next year and we'll see where it goes.  But I do think this issue will have a referendum in next year's congressional elections.   We'll see what the voters decide. 

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