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The Montgomery County Commissioners relationship would seem more suited to the premise of a reality show, than governance of one of Pennsylvania's most important counties.  If not toxic, its at least dysfunctional. Having hosted
Jim Matthews and Bruce Castor on recent Comment Please by Univest programs, the level of disdain they have for one another is difficult to convey.   For the past 3 yrs, they've done little to hide their dislike and now as this administration is entering its final year, it's obvious that there will be no election year reconciliation.  The one thing the Republicans seem to agree on is that the Democrats have a real shot at capturing the majority on the Board of Commissioners.   That's unprecedented in Montco politics.   Over the next several weeks, party endorsements will give us the players in what is likely to be an interesting election year.  No doubt it will be the topic of many blogs to come in 2011.

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