Thanksgiving At Manna

MannaManna on Main Street in Lansdale held its annual community Thanksgiving meal Thursday at Saint John’s United Church of Christ, with turkey and all the trimmings, fruits and vegetables and homemade desserts. Volunteers helping out included Josh Hadfield of Pipersville, who was there with his wife and two daughters, Abigail and Emily.  He says they thought about it for a while before getting involved.

“Every year at Thanksgiving we’re always careful to observe our own good fortunes and celebrate that, and every year we think about the community around us, and for many years now we’ve thought about how we could make this a day of giving back as well.  It’s important because it’s part of what we see as doing the right thing.  It’s really a matter of what we see as our moral foundation, if you will.  We feel it’s part of our obligation of being a good citizen and part of the community.”

Hadfield says his family might have a minority view, but it would be great if it was a majority view.

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