Lawyer Warns Of Social Media Legal Implications

Lansdale lawyer Marc Steinberg says Facebook and other social media sites have legal implications people might not know about. He says recently lawyers have started asking for permission to enter accounts and see things that are not open to the public, largely because people post pictures of themselves doing compromising things.

“You get an 18-year-old standing there looking stoned out of their mind saying, ‘I don’t do drugs’ or ‘I don’t drink,’ and there they are at a party half exposed.  It’s amazing what you see on Facebook.”

He says he sits every few weeks as a Discovery Master for the Montgomery County Courts, and in one recent case he heard about a defendant in a barroom fight.

“While the guy says he’s non-violent, they learn through a background check that he’s got a black belt in one of the martial arts, so he’s trained in fighting and here he says he’s non-violent and has never fought before, and obviously that’s not true.”

Steinberg says he looked at several Pennsylvania cases where lawyers wanted information from social media accounts, and in most cases the judges ruled in favor of disclosure.  He appeared Wednesday on the WNPV talk program Legally Speaking.

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