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PeakComputer Security was our topic this week on Indian Valley Live and we welcomed Ned Leight an instructor from The Peak Center. Below you can find out about the different relative topics that we discussed. For more detailed information on today's show please visit the Indian Valley Archives on WNPV 1440 Am.

Computer Security

Since Ned's retirement from the corporate world he has been teaching the use of computers mainly to older adults.

Your concern about computer security includes the feelings of insecurity that prevents people from using computers. While teaching computer skills at all levels at the Peak Center in Lansdale Ned often hears that computers are scary and also users might break it.  (A feeling of insecurity)

The use of a computer has very important to the needs of our more mature citizens:

  • To communicate with friends and family.
  • To get up-to-date info.. about any subject.
  • To get away from being a slave to TV.
  • To write you memoirs or trace a family tree.
  • And most of all, to exercise our minds.
  • Collecting
  • E-bay
  • Google earth
  • Drug interactions

 The feeling of being secure in the use of a computer is derived from basic knowledge and experience:

  • Understand the basics of the language of computers
  • Being willing to invest in the time to use a computer.  (Out of a comfort zone)
  • Listen to people that make good  and practical use of a computer.
  • And be aware of the basic yet common sense in the use of a computer.
  • Once you have good and constructive experiences you will feel the reward of self confidence.

Now that the human issues of computer security are placed behind you:

  • Now you can deal with the technical issues of computer security.
  • You will then understand why you need special software to deal with the technical issues of computer security.
  • Once you have a deeper understanding of the language of computer use you will start to feel comfortable,  then  everything will  seem to fall into place.
  • The key to all of this is your willingness to invest the time to get you to this point.

So, get away from the TV.  Be willing to bring yourself out of your comfort zone and you will be very grateful that you did it.

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