Last night's McCain speech brought to an end 2 weeks of interesting convention developments.   We brought you considerable coverage of local folks who were
at those two gatherings.   Obviously the star was Gov. Sarah Palin---McCain's
surprising VP pick---at the Texas Hold 'Em table he went all in!   She's off to a great
start...but there will be many tests between now and Nov. 4th and a bright spotlight
from mainstream and non-traditional media.   McCain (with the added glow from Palin)
might be the only republican who could win this election and Obama might be one of
the few democrats who could lose it.   I'm standing by the position that the next two months are all about him.   If  Obama can develop a greater comfort level with the electorate...he wins.  If he remains aloof and mysterious McCain/Palin will pull off the incredible by keeping the GOP in the White-house despite Bush, economy, the war, ect...
I suspect most of the Obama money will be spent linking McCain to Bush.   However
they need to make Obama someone to whom people can more easily relate...enter
the hockey mom (minus the Moose eating).  People more often vote based on how
they 'feel', not what they 'think'.  At least from here it looks like an interesting couple
of months!

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