Justina McIntyre, One Life One Chance Souderton/Telford

One Life One Chance, The Fight for Our Children Against Prescription and OTC Drug Abuse
They are a group that has been founded by parents that have suffered as a result of bad choices made by their children. The choice to use prescription drugs and the results of that choice, whether it would be watching your child turn into another kind of person, watching your child withdraw from family and friends, watching your child lose control of their life and possibly like in my case living with the pain of losing a child because of abusing prescription drugs.

Their goal is to bring awareness to the local communities that this is happening right in our back yards as we are losing more and more loved ones to this nationwide epidemic. They want to provide resources for those who may need help or those family members who just do not know what to do, they also want to share stories of hope as there are also many who have fought this fight and won. They want to educate, educate parents on the signs of the abuse and on how to get help. To help parents not to be ashamed of the choices their children make as this is so dangerous because it can keep you from reaching out for help. They also want to help to get rid of the stigma that comes with abuse.

They are planning another awareness walk and forum this coming September. While not definite on the location at this time they are hoping it will take place in the North Penn area. If any parents or loved ones would like to help in any way or get involved, please feel free to contact Justina McIntyre at 215-896-3043.

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