Local Cardiologist Experiences Chaos at Boston Marathon

The bombings at the Boston Marathon hits close to home.  Doctor Todd Alderfer, a Sellersville cardiologist, participated in the marathon with a group of people from our area.  Alderfer says, everyone in his group finished the marathon before the bombs exploded, but he soon found out what had happened when he was on the subway.

“Our subway train was driving underneath the station when blast occurred. We didn’t know a blast occurred, but the subway driver didn’t stop at Copley Square. He skipped that stop and went to the next stop and opened up and one security cop came in and evacuated the subway train itself and the entire subway and just sent everybody to the surface, cause it was literally within three minutes of the bomb going off.”

Alderfer and his group did not suffer any injuries, but some frayed nerves. It was the 13th time Alderfer ran the Boston Marathon. Alderfer was interviewed live with Darryl Berger on WNPV’S New AM-Edition Tuesday morning.

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