Local Congressman and Gov. Comment on Boston Bombings

The attacks on Americans in Boston on Monday continue to evoke strong comments from lawmakers. Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick says, he’s been briefed on the investigation.

“Just as our response was on September 11th, we will build and rebuild and let terrorists know that they’re not going to able to alter our way of life here. That needs to be our response. We need a swift law enforcement serious response, but as a country we need to come together and that is happening.”  

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick was a guest Wednesday on Comment Please By Univest with Darryl Berger.

Governor Tom Corbett has ordered all U-S and State flags to be lowered to half-staff in the wake of the bombings.  

“As everybody across the country we are shocked. Our prayers go out to the people who were killed and those who were injured, and their families.”

Corbett adds, the Administration is ready to help with security at a marathon in Pittsburgh on May 5th.

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