Firefighters Reflect on 1988 Perkasie Fire

Today Marks the 25th anniversary of the great Perkasie Fire. On Sunday, June 26th, 1988 a large section of downtown Perkasie burned. Gene Hunsberger was the Assistant Fire Chief. “To tell you the truth I sat down and watched our video again to refresh my memory. I knew there were a lot of things that I hadn’t gotten looking at the magnitude of the fire as it was burning on the video again. One of the things that strikes me is that the Moyer building, which was next to the train barn, when that fire entered that building, on the video you could see that in 20 minutes, that four story building was a pile of rubble on the ground.” Jeff Scheoller sounded the alarm after he spotted smoke in a building at the Shelly Lumber Yard. “I saw this train barn breathing like a giant. If you were banking down a wood stove, that’s what was happening in that building.” Scheoller and Hunsberger were guests on Tuesday’s Comment Please By Univest Program. Several Buildings were destroyed and many more were damaged. No one was killed or suffered serious injury

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