Non-Profit Continues Its Outreach to Help Abuse Victims

Laurel House continues to provide services to women who suffer from domestic abuse. The abuse can range from physical to mental abuse. Director of Development and Community Outreach for Laurel House, Tina Reynolds says Laurel House is considered a comprehensive domestic violence agency.

“We look at it as our shelter being at one end of the spectrum that we hope nobody ever gets to, but unfortunately it’s a need. We have the other end of the spectrum which is the education and community piece that we do, and we offer services from a prevention piece, all the way through a shelter as well.”

Reynolds was a recent guest on The WNPV Program Security Advisors On Radio with Mike Dayoc and Dave Gordon. Laurel House, located in Norristown, shelters over 250 women and children every year. The Lower Salford Township Police Department is accepting donations of women and children’s clothing, food and hygiene items, along with gifts cards, which it will turn over to laurel house. The department will accept the donations through September 30th. For more information call 215-256-9500

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