Health Care Expert Predicts Problems With Obamacare

How will health care exchanges work under the Affordable Health Care Act in January of 2014. Sally Pipes, President and C-E-O of the Pacific Research Institute says one age group won’t be able to afford the monthly fee.

“When these exchanges, if they do get up and running in January of 2014, a lot of young people are not going to purchase insurance. It’s too expensive for them. It’s easier to pay that 95 dollars or one percent of income, the tax penalty.”

Once again, Federal lawmakers have found a way around the Affordable Health Care Act. Pipes says, they will be covered by a tax subsidy, money that comes out of the public’s pocket. Pipes also predicts that a high percentage of doctors will leave medicine because of the rules that will prevent them from making the living they were earning before the Affordable Health Care Act. Pipes was a recent guest on the WNPV program Regarding Your Money.

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