New Health Show on WNPV Mornings From 9 to 11

This morning at 9:06, a new health program debuted on WNPV, replacing Duke and The Doctor, who decided to end production of their radio show. On Monday, WNPV welcomed  Doctor Michael Garko with “Let’s Talk Nutrition”. Garko was a guest on the AM Edition with Darryl Berger. Garko says, genetics are not the only factor.

“People say, well I’m so genetically determined there’s not much I can do about my health. That is just not true. Probably about 75 percent of your health of the life span is driven by the way you eat and the way you live.”

Garko says, listeners can expect to hear about supplements that work.

“Typically if you have supplements that have been around 10, 15, or 20 years, it’s probably a pretty good indication that those products work, and that’s been a feature of my show. I talk about things that work, because at the end of the day the show has to be about the audience. People tune in because they want to find out about things that are going to help them. I will give them evidence of how products work and the risk factors.

“Let’s Talk Nutrition” on AM-1440 WNPV, Monday Through Friday, 9:06am until 11am. You can call in to the show toll free at 1-877-897-8255

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