Pa. Lawmakers Look To Cap Electric Variable Rates

Electric variable rates have caused sticker shock for some consumers over the last several months.

The issue was the subject of a hearing in Harrisburg Thursday. State Rep. Bob Godshall says, limits need to be put on electric variable rates.  

“We have House Bill 2104 that have co-sponsored. We’re looking at capping those rates. We want to prevent the variable rate from going over 20 or 30 percent of what someone signs up for. We’re also looking at allowing consumers to get out of variable contracts quicker.”

Godshall says, he’s heard from two electric consumers in particular. One electric bill for a homeowner that’s typically 100 dollars per month skyrocketed to 515 a month. A small business person, whose bill is usually about 900 a month, received a charge of 2,600.

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