Montco. Finances Remain on The Mend

Chief Financial Officer, Uri Monson last week told the County Commissions the county has almost 24 million dollars in the bank and ended the year with a 1.6 million dollar operating surplus.

Monson also said countywide cumulative comp time balances dropped by over 5400 hours during 2013, a decrease of more than 8 percent.

“Why that matters is comp time is an easy ay to avoid budget issues. You don’t have to pay fir it now but it could be a problem down the road, which is a liability on the books for the or the county and can become more expensive because people can earn it at one salary and get paid out at another salary.”

Monson did raise the red flag about the escalating the cost of operating the emergency 911 system. It required a 2.3 million dollar infusion of cash last year.

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