State Sen. Will Host Financial Crimes & Fraud Seminar

State Senator Bob Mensch will hold a seminar in an effort to protect seniors from financial theft and fraud.

Mensch says, seniors, in particular, are a constant target from people who are trying to separate them from their hard earned savings.

“I met with some bankers the other day, we were talking about what is commonly referred to as the Nigerian fraud scheme. They had a senior who knew it was a fraud and yet he wanted to send money because he was lonely and he had someone who was talking to him. So much of it occurs out of state, out of country. The internet has become a tool for these bad guys and the telephone. Going back to that gentlemen before, some people are just lonely and are looking for someone to talk to, so they’re an easy target.”

The Financial Crimes and Fraud Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd, from 10AM until 11:30AM at Greenfield Senior Living of Perkiomen Valley in Schwenksville. For more information call 610-965-1466.

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