Restaurant & Sports Bar Targeted For Lansdale Property

315 West Main Street. It’s the property that once housed the North Penn Senior Center, and the Peak Center.

The property is now in new hands in hopes of finding a long term tenant.

“It’s a very large building, about 15,000 square feet. What we are attending to do is have one tenant take over all three floors. There are some larger name sports bars that can handle and look for that kind of size. Instead of doing a first floor restaurant and second and third floor office, I think it’s not only better for the Borough, but a lot easier tenant to handle if we just have one tenant take over all the floors.”

That’s the new owner of 315 West Main Street, Dino Darazio, a guest on the AM Edition Monday morning. darazio says, he hopes to find a long term tenant over the next 8 to 10 months.

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