Local Consumer Advocate: Gypsy Contractors Still Out There

The Bucks County Director of Consumer Affairs has been getting more calls about contractors who’ve been canvassing areas in Bucks County offering to do work for homeowners.

Mike Bannon warns homeowners to be suspicious of the smiling faces that knock on your door.

“One thing I keep hearing is about how kind that were, but what we find is a lot of these folks are scammers. The travel from out of state. They do repairs that are unnecessary. They do very poor quality work, if any at all. So it’s always a tricky thing and I think they target senior citizens. I think they’re around during the day.”

Bannon says, there are plenty of good contractors available but they don’t knock on doors. He adds, it should serve as a red flag when someone knocks on your door trying to solicit work. Bannon was a guest on the AM Edition Tuesday morning

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