Gypsy Contractors in Lansdale and Hilltown

The problem with gypsy contractors continues.

Mike Bannon is the Director of Consumer Affairs for Bucks County. Bannon warns homeowners to watch out for a specific contractor.

“The Lansdale area and Hilltown, we’re getting reports the driveway contractor is coming up. Asphalt Kings is what they’re calling themselves. It’s a scam out there because they told the folks that they have a 50 year guarantee on your driveway if they put in down. Of Course, it’s not true.”  

Bannon says, the red flags include, an out of state license plate. Bannon says, the first red flag is when they knock on your door to solicit work. Bannon was a guest on the AM Edition Tuesday morning. For more information about home remodeling and scams you can call Bannon’s office at 215-348-6060

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