Fitzpatrick: V.A. Has Problems with Treatment and Claims

The onus of the Veterans Affairs fallout now sits on the shoulders of Deputy Secretary, Sloan Gibson, after President Obama accepted the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki on Friday.

Bucks County Congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick says, there’s problems at Veteran Affairs from treatment to claims.

“They’re not providing adjudications, the claims of veterans in my district, and I represent about 60,000, are filing.”

Jack Urban is one of those 60 thousand veterans in Fitzpatrick's district.

“I put in for compensation for post traumatic disorder years ago.”

Urban, a Vietnam vet from Falls Township, Bucks County says it’s been a nightmare.

“Just recently I was told to go ahead and see if I can reopen that case. They don’t have any information as far as what I had done in filing for that compensation. It’s like it never existed.”

Urban served in the Air Force at Da Nang Air Base from February of 1970 until January of 1971

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