Author of “Raising A Jihad Generation” on WNPV

John Guandolo, former F.B.I agent and counterterrorism expert was a guest on Comment Please by Univest Tuesday to discuss his book “Raising A Jihad Generation.”

Guandolo says, the return of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is evidence of how a generation has been influenced.

“His father who is a Muslim in the White House who preys in Arabic to begin his talk in front of the media with clear history of anti-American rhetoric and so does his son.”

But before anyone points the finger at President Obama, the previous administration failed to decipher information.

“The very people President Bush turned to after 911 are all senior Muslim Brotherhood guys. The people we look to for advice are the bad guys.”

Guandolo says, on the other hand, President Obama has no definable strategy to address to the threats posed by Jihad

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