Costs Rise For Construction of Lansdale Borough Hall

Chalk up another unwelcome cost from the brutal winter of 2014. Lansdale officials at their last business meeting approved a change order for the construction of the new Borough Hall that increases the project cost by about 28,000 dollars.

The builder has a clause in their contract that calls for the payment if severe weather interferes with activity at the construction site. The change order also extends the date for completion of the project by 49 days. Borough Council member Denton Burnell chairs the Administration and Finance Committee:

“It’s a big project, it’s a long project. I still think we’re moving at a pretty good pace. Obviously losing time and spending money we didn’t want to have to spend, nobody likes that, but we’re still going to keep it on track and we will be relatively close.”

The new construction schedule calls for the project to wrap up on July 16th 2015.

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