Missed Opportunity For Lansdale To Get Grant For Roads

Lansdale officials Tuesday night missed an opportunity to talk up their application for a Community Development Block Grant.

Montgomery County held a public hearing about the program it is administering for the Federal Government and no one was there to make a case for a road project in Lansdale that has been denied funding. County Director of Housing and Community Development, Kathy Phifer says the Borough application for 303,000 dollars did not score well:

“Basically, Lansdale has a couple of uncompleted projects and because we have a timeliness requirement, we need to make sure that projects are finished on a timely basis, because we would stand to lose the fund from H.U.D. So, if a municipality has outstanding projects from previous years that actually get negative points.”

The Borough application for funding is targeted for the reconstruction of East 3rd Street, including new curbs, sidewalks, storm sewers and blacktop.

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