Scammers Using Green Dot Card Again

The Green Dot Card scam is popping up again. Mike Bannon is the Director of Consumer Affairs for Bucks County and he urhes people to just hang up when you get a particular call.

Bannon says, scammers are using a spoofing device to show a call is coming in from Peco. The caller then threatens to shut off your electric.

“First of all, Peco does not operate in this fashion. They would send you several notices. The bad pretend to be someone from Peco or sometimes another utility and tell the person their electric will be turned off unless they get a greed or card and send it to them through the numbers on the card. It’s untraceable and that’s how they operate.”

Bannon, a guest on the WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday morning says his office has been getting calls about the scam.

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