State Not Liable for Damage to Cars From Potholes

Potholes are costing drivers big bucks in tires and other auto repairs, and if you think the state should pay for some of your repairs, it’s not going to happen.


New Health Show on WNPV Mornings From 9 to 11

This morning at 9:06, a new health program debuted on WNPV, replacing Duke and The Doctor, who decided to end production of their radio show. On Monday, WNPV welcomed  Doctor Michael Garko with “Let’s Talk Nutrition”. Garko was a guest on the AM Edition with Darryl Berger. Garko says, genetics are not the only factor.


February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month. Sellersville cardiologist, Doctor Todd Aldefer says, it’s not always about cholesterol and blood pressure medications when you’re trying to take care of your heart.


Univest: 2014 Poised To Be Good Year For Stocks, Economy

Although the President mentioned tax reform in his State of The Union address, Univest’s Bill Van Sant says, don’t expect it to happen any time soon, but he believes the government can help people in other areas, particularly with retirement.


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