Lansdale Approves Development in Industrial Tracts

Residential and commercial development is now allowed on industrial tracts in Lansdale that measure more than ten acres.


Richards To Tour State to Review Roads and Bridges

Former Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards is getting busy in her new post as Pennsylvania Transportation Secretary. Richards will be touring major highways and bridges across the state next month with U.S. Congressman Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania, Chairman of The House Transportation Committee.


Lansdale Refinancing Part of Borough’s Debt

Lansdale officials are moving ahead with refinancing part of the Borough debt. Almost 10 million dollars worth of bonds the Borough issued five years ago will be replaced at the end of March with a new bond issue at a lower interest rate.


Orvilla Road Bridge Closed

Structural damage discovered on the Orvilla Road Bridge in Hatfield Township leads to its indefinite closure.


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