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ValentineDoylestown Hospital Cardiologist George Wiemann says some risk factors in coronary artery disease are correctible, while some are un-correctible. “The un-correctible risk factors we think of as being our heredity, our genetic makeup, and also our advancing age.  We can’t change the fact that we are aging every day, and that is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease.”

He says the symptoms sometimes present themselves differently in men and women.

“The male gender is at greater risk for having coronary artery disease, although women are at high risk also and, unfortunately for women, it often goes under-recognized as women do present somewhat differently than the guys do.”

Doctor Wiemann says men typically have the classic symptoms of chest pain or pressure, while women can have just jaw discomfort or a general feeling of uneasiness or shortness of breath.  He says high cholesterol is a correctible factor that increases the risk of coronary artery disease, and it greatly increases the risk of a second or third heart attack.  He appeared Saturday with Doctors Todd Alderfer and Jeff Wilkins on WNPV’S live broadcast from the Hear Her Heart Expo at the Montgomery Mall.

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