Quit For Love

medical-symbolThe Pennsylvania Health Department launched its “Quit for Love” smoking cessation program on Valentine’s Day. Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction Director Leslie Best says smokers have the power to improve their health by quitting now for their loved ones.

“We know that tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease, and what we wanted to have as our core message now is to quit for your loved ones.  We’ve chosen Valentine’s Day to begin to celebrate this message promoting tobacco cessation and also resources that we have available to help people quit and stay quit.”

Best says they want people to stay around long enough to enjoy their grandchildren.  The State Health Department is offering free counseling on its Quit Line at 1-800-quit-now and also giving away free nicotine replacement therapy starter kits.  They will be available for a month or more, until the supply runs out.

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