The Stench in Harrisburg Getting Worse!

Another set of indictments were handed down today in the so-called 'Bonusgate' scandal.  As house democrats got it last year, today the hammer fell on former Speaker John Prezel and others tied to the house republicans.   This bunch is charged with using millions in public funds to help republicans win elections.   More indictments may still be on the way for both parties in the Senate.   It points out that this is not a scandal for either party, but an overall indictment of the culture that exists in Harrisburg.  Everyone seems to be out to grab as much as they can for themselves.   They must laugh out-loud at the concept of public service (accept when it's time for a pay-hike and they claim to be poorly paid 'public servants').   It's time for honest elected officials (hope there are some left) to blow the lid off the 'Harrisburg Culture'.  It ought to be the focus of the governor's race and all the state legislative races next year.  There ought to be some lip-service, at least.  The problem with getting something done, is that both parties are heavily invested in this culture along with lots of enablers.

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