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Jim Gerlach is out of the governor's race, but in a race for re-election.   Gerlach saw the writing on the wall.  He wasn't going to beat Tom Corbett for the GOP nomination
for governor, so he'll remain in politics and attempt to retain in current seat in congress.  He discussed his decision on Comment Please by Univest this afternoon.   No doubt Gerlach would be more attracted to his current position if he were in the majority.  He thinks there is at least some  chance the republicans can win back congress.  Seems a lot of that will depend on backlash to health-care reform, stimulus, ect.   As Mike Fitzpatrick
said during an exclusive interview with Drs Wilkins and Alderfer Saturday, he's seriously looking at mounting a challenge to Patrick Murphy in the 8th district.  Republican chances of winning back some of their lost suburban seats improves with Fitzpatrick running in the 8th and Patrick Meehan running for Joe Sestak's seat in the 7th.  Gerlach's decision probably creates a 'safe seat' so the GOP can focus more resources toward the
7th and 8th district races.

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