Lansdale's Money Pit

The former site of the Lansdale Center for the Performing Arts is now the subject of debate to determine it's future.   The 311 West Main Street location was going to be the lynch-pin for yet another attempt at downtown revitalization.  Instead it has become one of the most costly municipal boondoggles ever to come down the pike in this region.  Lansdale officials got a report this week that the now idle site needs a quarter of a million dollars work just to bring the building up to code and perhaps as much as 4 million dollars to create a community center.   Lansdale residents (taxpayers) have been done a terrible disservice.  Before the project ever got off the ground, there should have been a business plan and a detailed strategy for making this facility a success.  Instead there was a rush for grant money and a commitment to the project before it was fully publicly debated.  Lansdale's former boro manager, Lee Mangan was the driving force behind the project.   I guess years of working on downtown revitalization might have skewed his view of the center.  But where was boro council?   With millions spent on this White Elephant and the meter still running, perhaps the best thing now would be to bring the building to code and try to find a buyer.   In this economy, trying to sell a multi-million dollar community center project might be a little much.  Especially for Lansdale taxpayers who might think they've poured enough into the local Money Pit!

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