Montcos Coalition

We've got a year in the books of  Montgomery County's unusual coalition government.  Republican chair Jim Matthews and vice-chair Joe Hoeffel (d) have marginalized GOP commissioner Bruce Castor.   The agenda seems to reflect more of the democrats platform during the '07 election than the republicans.   Plans to spend money on projects
in the older communities and advocating a borrowing to help fund transportation projects reflects the more activist government promoted by Hoeffel and his running-mate Ruth Damsker.  I'm disappointed the commissioners haven't moved toward taking a serious look at restructuring county government.   I don't know that jury commissioners
and register of wills need to be elected positions and perhaps the model of a county
executive in combination with additional commissioners would better serve the county.  If this board really wanted to shake up Norristown, it would appoint a panel of citizens to
study the question and eventually put it to the voters of Montgomery County.  I'll start holding my breath later.  The coalition government has created much political intrigue, but I don't think it's a blip on the radar screen of most county residents who may only be vaguely aware that such a thing as a county commissioner even exists.

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