Stimulate This!

And so the President today signed the Stimulus Bill into law.   During the weeks, months and perhaps years ahead we'll find out the impact of this plan.   State Senator Rob Wonderling was a guest on CP by U this afternoon and said 1.3 billion dollars in transportation funding should be coming to PA.  Montco and Bucks will see about 40 million dollars each.   Wonderling is the new chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and believes there will be some stimulus in the short term.  Not being an economist in this life, I may not be an authority, but I'm suspicious of the pork and long term bureaucy this initiative may create.  Programs that could not be passed on their own merit may have a springboard in this bill.   Local US Reps Allyson Schwartz and Patrick Murphy have been working hard to sell their support of the bill.  I wish Congressman Murphy would be more available to our listeners, but I guess he's busy raising money for re-election...or a Senate bid.  The congresswoman may be interested in the same senate seat---currently held by Arlen Specter, one of the few republican votes for the stimulus.  Their political futures--and the President's may well be linked to the plans success or failure.

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