Business Forum with Christina DiVergeglis and Meredith Birchall

Motivation was our topic with panelists Christina DiVergegelis, Meredith Birchall, and Pam Coleman
A survey from found that the average American worker wastes 2 hours and 5 minutes a day, which cumulatively adds up to $759 billion a year in lost productivity.  Not surprisingly, the top time waster was Web surfing, with workplace socializing coming in at number two. "Applying for other jobs" came seventh place on the list!

The survey solicited reasons as to why employees wasted time. The most popular reason was not having enough to do while not being paid enough came in second place. In this regard the sticker axiom, "They pretend to pay me and I pretend to work," comes to mind.

Top time-wasting activities include:

* Personal Internet Use including emailing
* Socializing with co-workers
* Conducting personal business
* Spacing out
* Running errands

Top reasons for wasting time:

* Don't have enough work to do
* Underpaid for the work I do
* Co-workers distract me
* Not enough evening or weekend time
* Other

Some questions raised were:

How Do You See Your Work?  A job, a career, or a calling (vocation)

What are your worst distractions?

Describe a project you were involved in that really excited you? How long did that feeling last?

Tell me about a time when you willingly volunteered for a task. Also, why were you so interested in this specific task?

Tell me about a hurdle which got in the way of achieving an ambitious goal. How did you go about overcoming it?

Tell me about a goal you achieved which at some points seems hopeless? Why did you keep going on?

Describe a work related goal that you have set for yourself.

Can you tell me at least three things that you have done in the past year to improve yourself, both business-wise and competency wise?

What do you do to raise spirits?

Would you regard yourself as a self-starter?

Do you think delegation comes easy or is it hard to let go?

Five years ago - how would you have answered the Interview Question: "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" Do you think you have achieved what you wanted to?

What motivates to do your best on the job?

Do you like to compete?

Idea of success in life?

Biggest failure to date?

Describe the work environment or culture in which you are most productive and happy.

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