Craig Wiggins, Keystone Technical

Craig Wiggins, Keystone Technical based in Telford, president of  IVBNG was another guest on Indian Valley Live on April 11, 2011. Below you can find a list of questions we had discussed on the show for any further information about todays show listen to the Archive of today's show.

Keystone Technical, Inc. is a full-service I.T. firm serving the small/medium business (SMB) sector in the greater Philadelphia region. Keystone Technical specializes in networking, email and messaging, PC/server service and repair, database design, project management, website design, and hosting.

Here is a list of other questions we also discussed on the show:

  • Do you feel that the economy is turning around?
  • When was the worst period for you during the recession, and how did you handle it?  Layoffs?
  • Did you restructure?  How?
  • What is your plan moving on?
  • Do you use social media?
  • What's your approach in a networking situation?
  • Do you feel an upsurge in business this year?
  • Lead generation techniques, CRM?
  • Do you have a yearly event to promote business?
  • Youtube for advertising? SEO?
  • Google Ads?
  • Email Marketing?  Which Programs?
  • How do you build loyal, high-value customers?


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