Ex Employee Admits Theft From Charity

montco_courthouseA former warehouse manager for a Willow Grove nonprofit organization has admitted illegally selling nearly three tons of used clothing the charity collected to help people in third-world countries. 45-year-old Philip Belcher of Townsend, Delaware pleaded guilty to theft in Montgomery County Court.  The charity he worked for, known as Planet Aid, sells the donated clothing for about 25 cents a pound and uses the proceeds for teacher training, children’s aid and other programs in Asia and Africa.  Police say Belcher sold six large bales, valued at more than $1,400, for $1,000 cash.  He was caught and cuffed at the loading dock after the manager became suspicious and called police.  Belcher showed them where the money was and told them he needed it to pay bills because a bank had frozen his account after he fell behind on child support payments.

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