And What's So Special About This Election?

On September 29th voters in the 24th State Senatorial District will have the opportunity to cast a ballot in a special election to replace Rob Wonderling.   They will have an opportunity to few will take advantage of it.   Turnout will likely be 10 to 15 percent of registered voters spread among R-Bob Mensch, D-Anne Scheuring and L-Barbara Steever.   The major parties in Pa are pouring money into this campaign, trying to drive enough turnout to push their candidate over the finish line.  CP by U will host a forum for the 24th district candidates this Friday.  Unfortunately Anne Scheuring will not be taking part.   Her campaign doesn't seem to put much stock into that kind of opportunity for the candidate to share her views on topics of the day.   I'm not taking the slight personally, because she is not taking advantage of many (or perhaps any) joint forum.  I've always maintained that candidates have an obligation to take part in as many forums/debates or
similar events as they can.  It's the best measuring stick to judge their qualifications against their opponents'.  Anne Scheuring seems not to want to give the voters in the 24th that opportunity.

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