Winners & Losers

The 2009 election produced the usual low turnout for an off-year election.   But I'd like to congratulate all the folks with the commitment to place their name before the voters.  Most of the candidates for local offices aren't doing it for personal gain or to further a political career.  They do it because they care about their community.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Tuesday's results was the success of the Citizens for a Better Lansdale group.   Their slate---including both D's and R's---won all the council races, but lost the Mayor's contest.  The group was well organized and obviously impacted the local election.  Also a reminder of the potential import of each vote in the contest for district judge in Towamencin and Lansdale.  It appears incumbent Harold Borek won by a handful of votes with more than 55-hundred cast.  Ironically the final vote count reported by the courthouse (and reported here) had Ed Levine winning by 5 votes.  He went to bed thinking he had won and woke up to news he had lost by 7 votes.   County officials say they added some uncounted absentee ballots to the final tally during the wee-small ones of the following morning.  That's one tough way to lose! 

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